Thursday, March 12, 2009

New developments...

Ok, I've been lagging on my blog. The best way to view this is that if I'm posting a lot, I'm not working a lot. Since I'm running a program on the CAM software that will take at least half an hour, and lunch hasn't arrived yet (get on it Nick), I'll spend a few valuable moments giving an update on 3dyn.

2008 turned out to be a very roller coaster year. Almost literally. We bid on a very large job with a company that has a mouse for a mascot, and got into the final throws of getting the contract, only to have another supplier get the job. To tell you the truth, the job would have been pretty intense, lots of very ornamental molded fiberglass parts that had to be finished to automotive body finish. Not bad for one, but 25 cars could get to be a challenge. That was the first half of the year, busy, steady, design and fabrication work. The second half of the year saw a decline for a few months, then picked up full steam in November and December.

January 2009 was already off to a fast start. Fabrication work (tooling mostly) for a few different UAV projects kept the mills throwing chips, always a good sign. Design wise, continued work on commercial aircraft seating, consumer products, and a few odd projects kept the engineers busy. We see opportunities with more aircraft work, along with some new automotive chassis development. A mix of design, analysis, and fabrication is always a good thing.

For 2009, we a starting to focus on new opportunities in the consumer product market, and have been working with a number independent inventors with their new products. Shows like Everyday Edisons, Lion's Den and even How It's Made and other great shows on the cable channels really inspire people to invent. We've seen quite a share of good, OK, and absolutely horrible ideas (our opinion), but we've also seen a few outstanding ideas. I hope the work we are doing on a few of these will really shine when they hit the market later in the year.

Following this lead, we have also added to our staff with the inclusion of Eva Winger, our new Director of Sales and Licensing Representation. OK, what does that mean. Well, it means she knows how to market and sell your product to the global market. That can mean selling the product to a big box store, or licensing your idea to a known company that will produce it as their own. If you want to contact Eva about some of these opportunities, contact her via email