Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Out with the '07s to make room for the '08s

2007 was a busy year for us at 3dyn. Working with customers in the space, aircraft, motorsports, and consumer products industries, we have a very wide range of talents and abilities. The car shown in this post is an "Extreme Gravity Racer" commissioned by Zero Emissions Racing of Irvine, CA www.zeroeracing.com This particular model was designed by Aston Martin designers Julian Wiltshire and studio boss Marek Reichman. 3dyn took their surface data to create high density foam master models, high temperature fiberglass molds, and finally pre-preg carbon fiber body shells. The cars are fully functional, with high-performance downhill mountain bike disc brake systems, rack and pinon steering (with carbon fiber, F1 style steering) and 4-point safety harness. Short of the purchased bicycle components and formed clear canopies, 3dyn created all components in house, the majority being either carbon fiber or aircraft aluminum.

Not only did 3dyn create the black Aston Martin shown above, but we also built two more just like it in White and British Racing Green. To top that off, we also build 4 models designed by the Lead Studio Engineer from Bentley, Jim Shaw (shown in British Racing Green, to the left), and 3 models from Porsche Design Senior Designer Mark Clarke (shown in Matte Black and Titanium below to the right).

3dyn has been involved with gravity racers for the past 2 years, but will not participate for 2008, as new commitments have precluded us from being able to build another 10+ cars this year. However we may still assist in the design process, if needed. 2008 should be "electrifying" for Zero E Racing.


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Jakob Hirzel said...

Hi! - Nice stuff! Shame you are not making gravity cars in 2008, otherwise you maybe could have built my design proposal: http://www.jakobhirzel.de/html/pr_xgr.htm
I did it as a university project in 2006, and it was just done as a CAD model.
;) Best Regards